Noooo 18+

General / 23 December 2018

Yo this is some announcement 

Whether you believe it or not I speak only truth here.

My stand point,

I won’t do 18+ or 18+ related right now, do not contact me 🙂 it’s regard with my ’sexuality orientation’ AKA gender too.

such as if your novel are 18+,even the cover are normal .i still (strictly)won’t accept and please inform me first too...

note that I’m not against porn actually,and I sometimes read erotic manga,like others,but can’t accept those works as gigs because personal reason. As I-reserved my rights for not mentioned here 

but it’s regard to my ’(a bit complex) gender orientation and belief system I can’t said much only it’s make me can not illustrated any erotic related art because it’s make my own self vulnerable and very sensitive in my case.

Another thing is ‘personal preference’ and some details),and I think who can do erotic art are talented and brave,and if I can’t do it well ,I rather chose not do erotic art at all.It’s area I  am not dare enough to tap(yet)

It’s time to declare my orient .After I suppress it for veryyyyyyy long time ,to make artttt more freely.










Regard my gender if you wonder,I’m not straight nor gay but I’m not sure how can I call myself and my orientation but I guess I am ‘queer asexual’ and I won’t do erotic art cuz my orient.

you can guess(it’s not hard though ...If You observed ‘my art’).or actually, I don’t care about ‘gender’ at all.and,No I’m not tomboy...I love somebody not be cause there’re man or woman.


Because they’re someone we love.

I ever love and infatuation in various gender


HAIL! TO ALL EROTIC ARTIST,u r brave(than me actually)

Inspired from Tan Kit Mun story


For my experience to tell my family.I ever tell dad I’m infatuation in one woman in hospital and tell dad,I’m not straight I may not have children and my face is full of tears , he said ‘you are what you are regardless gender’ #asexualqueer #truestory #bisexual

For Asexual queer ,more info here

Gustav klimt remaster. Process

Making Of / 23 December 2018

I make this to be example for student.

Real sol keane’s face ref

General / 21 December 2018


Gaia’s face ref

General / 21 December 2018

Real sol keane’s hair ref

General / 21 December 2018

Undercut style 

‘Real ‘s tranquil ‘

Making Of / 21 December 2018

New illustration ‘Real’s tranquil’ posture idea

I will draw Gaia and Real hugging and there’re bird or butterflies around them and body is glitch of hologram fragments

Next illustration will experiment something different to see what I like the most.

I’d stick to mute color like tahra, lineart base.Plus Murata Range’s industrial art deco-ish and Terada Katsuya’s Mix design together,black - base prob, clean bg

And I inspired design from Thai miss universe’s bouquet I will switch its to black and white design.

And another inspire is lm7 I like rhythm and unfinished brush stroke.

Cr.tahra art


Westal old character list

News / 21 December 2018

1.rey starwars(done)

2.Young luke | starwars

3.Kyloren | Starwars(done)


5.Kanda Yuu | D.Gray-man

6.Wonder woman

7.Lightning | FFXII

8.Cloud | FFVII

9.Xiaolan | 9sastra

10.2b | Nier Automata

11.Young Leia princess | Starwars(done)

12.Chun-Li | Street fighters

13.Yagami light | Deathnote

14.L | Deathnote

15.Elsa | Frozen(done)

16.Jack frost | Rise of the guardians

17.Yuri | Tales of vesperia

18.Morriganxlilith | Darkstalkers

19.Aerith Gainborough | FFVII

20.Tifa Lockheart |FFVII


22.Jasmine | Aladdin


24.Squall Leonhart | FFVIII

25.Black moon | Saimormoon(done)

26.Mercy | overwatch(done)

27.Diva | overwatch

28.Aya brea | Parasite Eve(done)

29.Harry potter


2019 art direction

News / 21 December 2018

2019 artist’s statement:

“Vivid 2d flat rendering watercolor and lineart in ‘mid century’ paint with visual narrative style of composition inspired from Oriental art , manga, art nouveau, nature element&motif with ‘digital’ tweaking or finalize and embeding Thai traditional sensation”

One sentence statement:

Midcentury flat mixmedia style with delicate line 

My 2019 art Keyword bring up my most favourite thing | traditional Chinese - Thai mix, Steampunk, visual - symphonic rock , Unisex, nature , architectural element , Light and bright, Western midcentury color and narrative but oriental line


i guess it is look Like Swensens Mamuang ice-cream or fusion food like Tom yam pasta



Number of art:

250 pieces next years

My 2019 color theme:

“pastel vivid-gold-black in mid century flat style”

Subject matter:



-something emotional 

Theme :

‘Oriental + steampunk’


starting with alcohol marker,Acrylics,watercolor on 300g arches hotpress or canson cold pressed

what’s ‘mid century ‘ look like

-Like ‘Mary Blair’ style.

-study paper engineering and pop up

To make some ‘layered’ card art

Do not make art that ‘s not following in this theme~for more concreate style

Miyavi and mana

General / 21 December 2018

Yesterday I watch Bleach Netflix version and discover that Miyavi cast as Byakura I addict to his visual rock look.long time ago and I’m glad that I discovered this image while he’s in Due le quatz band

After Miyavi Due le quatz It’s remind me Mana Malice Mizer ,another dominate visual rock band first image is my fav.

Tactics ogre’s art

General / 21 December 2018

From Tactic ogre my another favorite art style.i ‘m suspect that original design are from Yoshida Akihiko(very first design one)plus one of beautiful Major Arcana tarot design from tactics ogre.

Still remember the word’ let’s us cling together ‘